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If you've NEVER enrolled on the website then you can follow this link to enter your details, remembering to choose the YES option when asked if this is your first time enrolling.



Re-enrolling members:  Please do not enter your details again - you should be able to sign in at the website when you click on the link again.

New members: Please note that you will be asked to enter your details . Once you put your details in, you will receive a login by email  so that you need not enter your details again unless there is a change in your information. Please give all the details that are necessary so that we have all of your emergency contact details. Be sure to tick the box for first time enrolment otherwise we may have to ask you to cover any costs not accounted for.  Then check your email for a confirmation link to make sure you receive future emails.



We are not currently operating a trial lesson system, but we will offer you a discount of one lesson fee off your next payment once you sign up with us. This is to ensure maximum compliance with the Track and Trace obligations. All children will therefore be charged for every lesson they attend and we will also offer a refund of any lessons your child doesn't attend if they decide they don't wish to continue after the first lesson or two.  Simply contact us by email, text or phone as soon as possible. You must inform us if your child will not attend for any reason.


Terms of the Club


(Please note these may differ to the general club terms found on You agree to these terms by clicking on the button above and enrolling your child.)


1.All fees for each full term are payable by the day before the first session or earlier in the case of new Clubs.


2. Parents whose children will be attending physical clubs in person will be required to fill out a medical form to confirm they are physically well. Any forms not returned will result in children being temporarily kept more strictly apart from others in some situations.


2.All fees are non-refundable. However, credit will be offered in the case of any cancellations we, LCF initiate due to COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines, or where a school or venue refuses to allow us to operate. We will also credit sessions missed due to quarantining due to exposure to COVID-19 as long as you inform us directly about this reason for missing lessons within 7 days of a lesson or group of lessons missed.


3.In the event of a Club being cancelled, another session will be offered in lieu. If this is not practical,  we can offer a virtual alternative to all affected children. If your child cannot attend this and we cannot rearrange, you may request a credit for this.  


4.We reserve the right to exclude any child who persistently exhibits inappropriate behaviour.


5.Classes may be amalgamated or fees increased if Club sizes fall below a viable number. Should a Club need to close for any reason, an alternative Club will be offered to all children where possible.


6.We reserve the right to substitute teachers should the need arise.


7.All members are insured by Public and Product Liability insurance whilst under the supervision of the Licensee or appointed teacher.


8.We reserve the right to charge an administration fee of £10 for late payments.


9.PARENTS MUST CONTACT US IF THEIR CHILD WILL NOT BE RENEWING THEIR CLUB MEMBERSHIP - this can be done via email, text, phone or letter. You can also notify us of renewal and cancellation by responding to the email sent out before the start of each term. Parents will be liable to pay for half the cost of the full term if they do not engage with our reminders and requests to let us know whether they will continue.


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