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Our Fun Clubs - Family Language Clubs & Kids Clubs


         LCF runs clubs for French or Spanish, and our courses cater for different levels, with different activities for younger or less able and older or more able children. We run clubs in your child's school or in local halls and centres.


We also have materials catered specifically for young KS1 or reception children should you wish to have a club for specific age groups.


We also provide 3 basic levels for standard primary school clubs, with our beginners, silver and gold courses in addition to many other extra materials and seasonal topics.


The activities in our structured courses are stimulating and engaging. They include storytelling, drama, crafts and many fun songs and games.


Our informal and friendly classes or clubs provide the best and safest environment for children to develop their self-esteem and self-confidence.


They rapidly acquire enough knowledge to enjoy using the language for communication and expression.


Every LCF club leader is CRB checked, insured and very importantly speaks the target language fluently.


Young learners from 3 to 11 could benefit from our fun courses in  lunchtime, after-school or even breakfast clubs (where demand is high).


In a typical lesson we might:

  • practise counting, introducing ourselves

  • act out a story

  • play fun games

  • sing a song

  • match words and pictures

Our fun kids and family clubs in action:


Fun language clubs are the core of LCF Clubs - we run them all over Greater Manchester & Lancashire and our course is the work of years of experienced teaching. We actively encourage parents to ask for clubs in schools whether the school provides language tuition in school or not. Simly put, our clubs provide something schools usually can't afford - a native or fluent teacher with language expertise.


We encourage the use of fluent linguists as opposed to primary school teachers "learning in order to teach" a language. Granted that no teacher knows everything about everything but languages must be taught by real linguists, otherwise children simply pick up their teachers' poor habits. That's why in our clubs we won't have teachers that are not already good speakers of the target language.


Similarly, we provide schools with teachers and courses to teach in school - check out our in-school page here for more info.


We've also lead the way in providing opportunities for families to learn a language together and Spanish is a popular language amongst our families. We have previously run clubs in Breightmet and also  in Westhoughton. Register for free trials at either by finding the relevant club in the menu under "free trial"

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