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Home Learning Tools

Babelzone is a brilliant resource that childrenreceives access to as a member of LCF Clubs.  Click on the link above to go to Babelzone or see the following instructions if you are unsure how to gain access as a member of the club.

While the Coronavirus affects school openings, LCF has offered to give free access - see the following.

Access Babelzone with your child



Locate your email from Chris or the document from your school.

Open the document and follow the instructions to create a logon username and password for Babelzone website. Your promo code is  printed on the document, so please use that, and do not share with anyone.  

Log in on the main page and then when finished, log out again. You will now be able to access using the username and password you've created. Make a note of it so you don't lose access.



LCF are not currently offering free access to non-members, sorry.

Please consider joining one of our clubs where you will receive free Babelzone access!


Access Babelzone on a mobile device

BABELZONE will work on all devices as it is now HTML5 based - no need for any plugins or extras, but for Englishzone:

With most of the Englishzone website operating in Flash, unfortunately most up-to-date mobile devices will not be able to access Englishzone on a standard browser. However you can access the site via the Puffin Academy app available on most major app stores:


Please feel free to download our Home Learning Documents to help your child continue their French or Spanish learning at home. The list gives lots of ideas on how you can do a variety of French and Spanish learning over your time at home.  The list links to lots of external websites - do explore these if the list is exhausted!


French Home Learning


Spanish Home Learning


(apologies earlier Spanish pack had an incorrect link, now corrected in the document)


Further practice:


BBC Bitesize Primary French

BBC Bitesize Primary Spanish

Home Learning Help

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