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We're sure that we will add value to your nursery or group...

So sure that we will give you a FREE of charge taster session to show you what the children will be getting and how much they will enjoy and benefit from it.

So, just send us your details on the form here and we will be in touch to arrange the taster and the rest.


One of all our teachers' great pleasures is to teach French and Spanish to the young toddlers or pre-schoolers in nurseries!


We all know by now that children should learn languages as early as possible to avoid being clouded by their inhibitions. Language learning at this age is like how they would be learning their native language, helped with songs, games, stories, and crafts. See our Featured editorial article in Raring2Go Magazine which goes in to more depth: (article)


For nurseries and pre-schools, as well as independent groups, we can arrange weekly lessons lasting 20-30 minutes, or supervised sessions for longer. Nurseries may choose to pay us using funds or we can arrange enrolment per child. Young members would receive the same as club members in school - a songbook and CD and access to the Babelzone to watch great animated songs, listen to great animated stories and play fun games.


For more information, contact us with the length of the class you would like and location and we will send you a quote for the cost for you or your children's parents.

Our new program, Jazz Mataz, is a newly developed fun music & movement programme for toddlers and young children.


What are the benefits of our programme?

-Children learn to participate in groups

-Exercise in a casual way helps children to stay healthy and fit

-Speech, motor & movement skills improve, with singing & dancing.


Children will learn traditional rhyme and songs, and do what they enjoy the most. They will have some percussion time and discover their own rhythm, and there will be time for stories too! There's just no end of fun!


Jazz Mataz is suitable for children from 2 upwards and we can set up a class for any group or nursery.  We're on the look out for new groups interested in trying it out, so mention our website discount and we'll give you a 25% trialists discount for your nursery for 3 months!


We can also incorporate some French or Spanish in, but we must know if you're interested before so we have a teacher that is capable! Contact us if you're interested in Jazz Mataz.

Arrange a Taster Session!

Thanks for your request, we will be in touch very soon!

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