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The Adults Are Next!

LCF is working on our adults offering so that we might be able to offer an adults course at some point in 2022. We apologise for the delay as we have had lots of interest, especially in Wigan and Parbold. Unfortunately working on this has become difficult and so we will be aiming to roll out a beginners course for September, but this could be delayed. We appreciate everyone's interest but we ask for your patience while we make the course fantastic and of course as soon as we are thinking about classes we will contact all those who have expressed an interest.

If you are interested in learning French, Spanish or German as an adult learner, please visit our page where we will ask for your details to keep you informed.

Our plans so far will be to start beginners and possibly intermediate French and Spanish first, as well as German (this will be mainly around the Manchester area) if there is enough interest in this.

Register your interest here:

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